About Ramen Mini

Introducing the Ramen Mini Wall Sconceā€”a versatile lighting solution perfect for a variety of spaces. Its customizable laser front plate makes it ideal for showcasing logos or numbering, making it an excellent choice for hotels, offices, schools, clinics, residences, and public spaces alike. Emitting soft and indirect light in a 360-degree spread, this sconce creates a gentle ambiance that's easy on the eyes. With cover plate options including felt and wood veneers in various finishes, the Ramen Mini Wall Sconce offers both style and functionality. Plus, it's suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, adding flexibility to your lighting design.
Kenneth  Ng
Edmund  Ng
Circular Glow
The Ramen Mini Wall Sconce is designed to emit soft and indirect light in a 360-degree spread, creating a gentle ambiance that is easy on the eyes.
Logo Display
The Ramen mini wall sconce, with a customizable logo/numbering laser front plate, is ideal for displaying logos or door numbers in hotels, offices, schools, clinics, residences, public spaces...etc.
Cover plate is available in a multitude of finishes like felt and wood veneers. The Ramen mini wall sconce is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, this unique sconce will brighten its surrounding environment with both elegance and playfulness