About Ramen with Back Dish

Experience unmatched versatility with our Ramen featuring the new Back Dish. Available in two sizes: an 18-inch back dish (to pair with the 9” Ramen) and a 24-inch back dish (to pair with the 12” Ramen). Elevate your space with matte White, matte black w/ Gold, and elegant Gold w/ white finishes. It features a 3-in-1 mounting solution that allows you to mount it as a wall sconce, a suspended pendant, or a flush-mounted ceiling light. The Ramen with a back dish is compatible with ELV dimmers, offering 1500 lumens of warm 3000k light. Furthermore, it is wet-rated as a wall sconce or flush ceiling light and damp-rated as a suspended pendant.
Kenneth  Ng
Edmund  Ng
3-in-1 mounting solution
Ramen with Back dish includes the Ramen light, front plate and the back dish. It can be mounted in 3 different ways : Hanging pendant, Wall sconce, and Flush ceiling light
3 finishes
The Back dish is available in three finishes: Matte White, Matte Black with Gold, and Gold with White.
Ready for projects
The Ramen with Back Dish features a durable design suitable for commercial use. It is wet-rated for use as a wall sconce or flush ceiling light, and damp-rated for use as a suspended pendant.
It can be paired with the interchangeable front plate on the Ramen, which comes in 8 different finishes, allowing for a variety of unique looks and feels.