About Combi table

The Combi table lamp is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to have the convenience of a multi-functional table lamp and a charging station for their smart devices. With its sleek and stylish design, this table lamp not only illuminates your workspace or reading material but also provides a hassle-free charging experience for your smart devices. The Combi table lamp offers two charging options to cater to your specific needs. For those who prefer to charge their devices with a cord, or for devices that are not compatible with wireless charging, the lamp is equipped with a USB-C port charger. This allows you to easily charge your phone, tablet, or other smart devices while you work, read or relax. The USB-C port charger is an excellent addition to the table lamp, especially for those who need to charge their devices quickly and efficiently. In addition to the USB-C port charger, the Combi table lamp also comes with a wireless charger for your smart devices. Whether you're reading a book or working on your laptop, you can keep your devices charged and within reach. The wireless charger is compatible with most Qi-enabled devices, which means you can charge your devices without the hassle of cords and cables. With the Combi table lamp, you no longer need to worry about having a cluttered workspace or tangled cords. The multi-functional table lamp is designed to streamline your workspace, while keeping your smart devices charged and easily accessible. The Combi table lamp is the perfect addition to your workspace, reading nook, or bedside table, providing both style and functionality.
Kenneth  Ng
Edmund  Ng
The Combi table lamp caters to your charging needs with two options: a wireless charger for most Qi-enabled devices and a USB-C port charger
This lamp has a touch dimmer, enabling users to adjust brightness according to their needs. To turn the lamp on/off, simply press the button; to dim or adjust intensity, hold down the button.
The Combi table lamp's extension body is optional, which can be used to create two unique looks and feels to suit individual preferences.
The Combi table lamp is ideal for a bedside light with its soft illumination and wireless charging for Qi-enabled devices, as well as USB-C charging for other devices.