About Focaccia

The Focaccia family is a modern and versatile task lighting solution for any space. The Desk, Solo and Floor models feature a slim and flexible body design, with a diffused square head for a concentrated light source with tighter illumination control. The lamps offer tunable light color, ranging from warm to white, an occupancy sensor, and includes a USB-C charging port to charge your devices. The Focaccia family is perfect for any contemporary workspace or living space looking to add a sleek and energy-efficient design.
Kenneth  Ng
Edmund  Ng
Best of NeoCon GOLD 2022 Task Lighting
Enhance Your Task Flow
Minimal foot-print and precise spotlight for your tasks.
A Contemporary Home
Focaccia floor lamp not only compliments your modern aesthetic, but it excels as your go-to utility LED.
Perfect Diffusion
Keep the full brightness of a strong LED, while saying good-bye to harsh shadows. Focaccia is a spotlight with a focus of diffused light.