About Yurei

Introducing the Yurei family. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese word for ghost, Yurei, our new lighting solution features unique translucent light shades that perfectly embodies the spirit of the name. With its ethereal and otherworldly appearance, the Yurei Light is the perfect way to add a touch of mystique and style to any commercial or residential interiors. On the desk/floor models, the dimmer and height-adjustable features provide precise control of light intensity for optimal working conditions, and the optional light shade can be easily replaced to match any workspace's aesthetic. Available in a range of translucent colors and metal finishes, the light shade adds an artistic touch to the environment. When used with an acoustic panel, the Yurei light can help reduce unwanted noise, creating a peaceful and calming environment. Its sustainable design, made from over 95% recyclable materials, makes it an excellent choice for businesses and organizations looking to reduce their environmental impact. The Yurei light is available in different mounting options, including suspension Pendant light, flush ceiling mount, through-table mount, desk clamp, or free-standing base, suitable for table or floor lamps.
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Soft Glow
The Yurei light utilizes an impressive 9" large light panel optics, emits soft, beautiful, diffused light.
The Yurei desk & floor lights feature a built-in USB-C charging port, adding to their convenience and functionality.
Blends in
The light was designed to seamlessly blend in with any interior, providing both light and sophistication to any space.
Customize at Ease
The shade of the Yurei pendants can be easily removed and replaced with a different shade. The shade is available in various translucent colors and metal finishes.
Fits any interior
Available in both translucent and matte finishes, the shade gives the light a sleek and modern feel that can adapt to any design scheme.