About Yurei Co-working light

The Yurei Co-Working Light is a unique and innovative lighting solution that enhances the aesthetic and comfort of commercial interiors. With its height-adjustable and dimmer features, users have precise control over light intensity, and the optional light shade, available in various translucent colors and metal finishes, adds an artistic touch to the environment, making it a standout feature. Its minimalist structure allows it to blend seamlessly into any interior, making it versatile and adaptable for any commercial space. Additionally, the light can be used with acoustic panels to create a blend of lighting and sound that promotes a calming effect in shared spaces. With its multiple mounting options, such as through-table mount, desk clamp, or free-standing base, it is an excellent choice for businesses and organizations looking for innovative and sustainable solutions. Its recyclable materials and long lifespan of 60,000 hours also make it an environmentally friendly option, ideal for shared work environments, co-working spaces, and libraries.
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The shade of the Yurei can be easily removed and replaced with a different shade. This shade is available in various translucent colors and metal finishes.
Blends in
The light was designed to seamlessly blend in with any interior, providing both light and sophistication to any space. Available in both translucent and matte finishes, the shade gives the light a sleek and modern feel that can adapt to any design scheme.
The Yurei co-working lights feature a built-in USB-C charging port, adding to their convenience and functionality.
Its telescopic body allows you to adjust the height of the light to your desired level. With many different shade options, the Yurei light family offers versatility in its design, including the option to use the lamp in its bare form without a shade.
Mount it Your Way
Mounting options: fixed desk clamp or through-table mount for permanent installation.