About UCX Pro

This bestselling undercabinet light is characterized by ultra-high energy efficiency, intuitive control and sleek, minimalistic design. The UCX Pro is the recipient of the 2015 NeoCon Gold award and the 2015 BUILDINGS Favorite for Product Innovations.
Kenneth  Ng
Edmund  Ng
2015 Best of NeoCon GOLD
Product Innovations 2015 BUILDINGS Favorite
2x Energy Efficiency
UCX Pro consumes minimal energy, translating to lower electricity bills
Light Color
Change the light color from warm white to cool white or anywhere in between.
Touchstrip Control
Adjust the brightness or change the light temperature with just a light touch
Occupancy Sensor (optional)
The UCX Pro will turn off 15 minutes after you leave the room and will illuminate your space with your preferred settings upon your return
Wi-Fi Module (optional)
Remotely control one or more UCX Pro's light temperature, brightness settings or on/off scheduling.
Schedule your light to automatically change in intensity and light color throughout the day to synchronize with your body’s circadian rhythm.
Continuous Light
UCX Pros can be daisy-chained to connect several lights together