About Royyo

The Royyo Pendant Light is an exciting new addition to the Koncept collection. Its clever and discrete wiring system helps keep lines clean and modern. The circular design shines bright light wherever you need it. Combine multiple Royyos together to make a stunning focal point, or just hang one to illuminate your space.
Kenneth  Ng
Edmund  Ng
Discreet Complexities
Complex inner technology is disguised by simple, pleasing design, and the result is a marriage of form and functionality. Take advantage of the lamp's dual purpose by charging any USB-compatible device with Royyo's embedded, subtle USB port
Belongs Anywhere
Hang the Royyo in whichever pairing or configuration that best fits your home, office, lobby, or entryway. Display the Royyos in a line, a circular spiral, or as a dramatic single unit.
Ring Light Illumination
Royyo adds a simple yet elegant flair to any space with its pleasing circular design which casts an even and extremely bright glow.
Make It Your Own
The Royyo is available as a desk, floor, or pendant model. Utilize all three in your space to achieve unity in design.